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Creative Gifts for your Mom this Mother's Day!

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Creative gifts for your Mom this Mother's Day

MOM, the most important life-giving ladyfolk in your life!

When I think of gift giving I always try to think of what hobbies the person enjoys. From that point it makes a lot easier to think of the perfect gift. So think about it, what does your Mom loving doing in her free time?

Is it spending time with her pet? Shopping for a new outfit? Trying a new craft or DIY? Enjoying a glass of wine and making a cheese plate? Now you try! Think of more ideas or get more information on these creative mothers day gifts below...

For your mom, the animal-loving-gal.

Is your mom's pet the sibling you never knew you had? If your mom loves spending time with animals, a pet portrait or animal portrait would be the perfect custom gift. Find a few good pics of your mom's furry BFF and place your order here for dog portraits or here for cat portraits. You can also commission a custom animal watercolor painting by contacting me here.

For your mom, the fashion-and-style-obsessed.

If your mom loves to shop and dress-up then this gift is for her. A custom watercolor fashion illustration of her, or you and her together, in your favorite or most memorable ensemble. Something she is sure to frame and cherish in her home office or boudoir. 

For your mom, the craft-DIY-explorer.

Spend some quality time trying something new at a art or craft workshop. Join Paint, SIp and Print in Laguna Beach or Watercolor and Wine Painting Shibori in Sunset Beach. Some other ideas: a cooking class, volunteering together or a day at the museum together. It's all about the experience and time alone with your the most important lady in your life, mom.

For your mom, the wine-lover.

Speak Wines. Need I say more? The labels pretty much speak (,,,pun intended) for themselves! Pick the perfect label or maybe a couple bottles out for all the momma's in your life. If you have attended one of my Watercolor and Wine workshops before you know this wine is de-lish! Gift her the wine on a night you spend together and put together a beautiful cheese plate, find some cheese board inspo here.


Hope this helps inspire you to put together a gift your mom is sure to enjoy, and remember it's the thought that counts! Anyone would be happy with a heartfelt card from there loved one, maybe try to watercolor one? :) 


Fashion Illustrating at the St. Johns Knits HQ

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Fashion Illustration by Kimberly Heimbach

LOVE WHAT YOU DO and you will never work a day in your life!!!

A little motivation Monday for you aspiring creative ladies because this is exactly how I felt when I was invited to fashion illustrate inside the St. John Knit headquarters in Orange County.

Fashion Illustration by Kimberly Heimbach

This special day was for a top client of St. John's who was in town to preview the new Fall collection, have a beautiful lunch and receive a fashion illustration completed live by me with watercolor!

I thought this idea was so unique and now the client has a special piece of original art to remember her special day. If you are interested in hiring a fashion illustrator for your event or special meeting you can contact me via email

I've decided to keep the client anonymous out of respect for her privacy.

St John Knits HQ.png
Orange County Fashion Illustrator Kimberly Heimbach
Fashion Illustration by Kimberly Heimbach at St.John Knits

Celebrating International Women's Month

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Ladyfolk Studio artist in Laguna Canyon

I'm so excited to share my feature on Mighty Tea's blog this month for International Women's day/month! A time I am sure to celebrate, especially as a lady running her own business while encouraging other women to pursue their dreams and creativity.

I (Ladyfolk Studio) was named one of "Six Women Entrpreneurs to Inspire You This International Women’s Month." You can also read the interview from my feature below...

Succulent and cactus Watercolor art by Ladyfolk Studio
The name of my business is Ladyfolk Studio. I have been working for myself for the past three years along with teaching part time at an art college (@lcadbfa).

What makes me mighty inside is my persistence. With art and business I think it really is key to continue to pursue what makes you happy and to continue to grow.

I strive to make the world a more beautiful place through my art, community and sharing my knowledge through teaching. I hope to inspire others to be more creative, kind and to find the beauty in the everyday.

This advice applies to artist and entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business, and it is don’t be afraid to fail. As a creative entrepreneur there are alot of ideas I want to try. Some end up more successful than others but I wouldn’t know unless I tried! Allowing for room for experimentation makes space for new ideas and growth. Also not being afraid to ask; for advice, a job, or a company about collaborating. I have been pleasantly surprised how much opportunity I have been given simply by asking.

My favorite kind of tea is green tea. I especially love the tropical green tea and adding frozen pineapple chucks to make it iced on these hot Laguna Beach days.

Creative Ideas for Self Care Sunday

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self care sunday.jpg

You might have remembered from a couple weeks back on the blog that one of my New Year's resolutions for a creative and happy New Year was to take time for self-care.

I mentioned a few self-care ideas in that post but I thought I would put together of a whole list of creative ideas for you to try. There is something on this self care idea list for just about everyone. I tried to include a wide range of cost too, from free and up! Let's be honest, we all want self-are but it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg which is totally defeating the purpose and causing you less self-care i.e. stress about money. 

Self Care Sunday Creative Ideas by Ladyfolk Studio

For me personally, my creativity thrives on self-care. For those of you not working in a creative field, painting might actually be a really a good outlet to try for self care. It nourishes your creative spirit and can be a form of meditation when you get in that zen like flow. I also find spending time with my adorable dog Mr.Bailey a form of self care. it nurtures my bond with animals and I embrace his care free spirit in the moment.  It's definetitely self-care, especially with my dog who loves to play and go for along walks, i.e. self care.

25 Creative Ideas for Self Care Sunday

  1. buy yourself a variety of flowers and make your own arrangement, get creative!
  2. meal prep and try out new healthy recipes
  3. try journaling or sketching in a notebook
  4. read a new book or pick up an inspiring magazine
  5. go shopping for the perfect new perfume or essential oil for your personality
  6. take your dog for a long walk in new neighborhood
  7. or volunteer to walk a dog at an animal shelter
  8. organize your closet, make three piles: donate, sell and keep!
  9. clean and organize your jewelry
  10. drink warm water with lemon first thing in the morning
  11. have a social media free day
  12. try meditating, use an app like clam or headspace
  13. call a friend to catch up
  14. meet a family member for lunch
  15. play a board game with your roommates or spouse
  16. go for a hike
  17. make a beautiful smoothie bowl, see instagram for inspiration
  18. try a new face or hair mask
  19. deep clean a room in your home
  20. write an email to someone you admire
  21. write a letter to yourself about where you to be in a year and open it then
  22. get a new plant for your home, they help filter the air!
  23. give yourself a manicure or pedicure
  24. try dry brushing
  25. do a workout or yoga video on youtube

  go shopping for the perfect new perfume or essential oil for your personality

go shopping for the perfect new perfume or essential oil for your personality

 clean and organize your jewelry

clean and organize your jewelry