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Painting Wildflowers with Watercolor and Wine at The Collab Lab in Costa Mesa!

Watercolor and Wine, Watercolor WorkshopsKimberly HeimbachComment

Enjoy sips of wine, treats, paint, get creative and make some new friends! 
This workshop is for all levels!

Join us for this watercolor workshop and happy hour hosted inside The Collab Lab in Costa Mesa. Kimberly Heimbach, LCAD instructor and illustrator at Ladyfolk Studio, will guide you through the basics of painting with watercolor through a step by step process for painting different types of wildflowers. There will be a beautiful moodboard of paintings to inspire you!

During the workshop enjoy:

  • instruction from LCAD instructor and Ladyfolk Studio's owner, Kimberly Heimbach
  • 2 glasses of wine from Speak Wines
  • 10% OFF in the attached Nickel and Birch boutique the night of the workshop 
  • water and snacks
  • all needed accessories for painting: masonite boards, mason jars with water, practice worksheet, painters tape, extra brush sizes and a few of my favorite top notch watercolor favorites!

What you get to take home:

  • 2-3 final paintings
  • a travel watercolor set and brush
  • watercolor tips and tricks postcard with art
  • Plus, a few surprises for all attendees!

Hope to see you there! Check out past Watercolor and Wine workshops here and stay tuned new workshops will be announced soon! Join the Ladyfolk Studio newsletter to be updated:

Speak Wines for Painting Wildflowers with Watercolor and Wine by Ladyfolk Studio


My Watercolor Art Floral Adorned Wedding Invitations

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Watercolor Art Floral Adorned Wedding Invitations by Ladyfolk Studio, Laguna Beach, CA

I can't believe it is one month until our one year wedding anniversary! 

I still have so much I haven't shared from my wedding that can inspire you! So I figured today is a great day to start by sharing the original watercolor art and design I made for our invitation suite. 

I knew the minute i was engaged I was going to have alot of work to do. I was determined to put my creative touch on just about everything, especially the paper ephemera. Scroll down to see more about my process...

Watercolor Art Floral Adorned Wedding Invitations by Ladyfolk Studio, Laguna Beach, CA

We chose to get married at my parents newly built ranch in Redlands. It was the perfect location and we both felt really comfortable having it there, so that was an easy decision. As we began to plan our wedding (in less than 4 months I might add, but more on that in another post!) we decided to start the wedding at the front of the house. Our ceremony would take place in front of the large vintage doors I sourced with my parents on a trip to Carpentaria while the house was being built.

i had actually already completed the painting you see above as a gift to my parents and I thought it would be the perfect addition to the front of my invitation design. So I scanned it in and began basing the rest of my design off of elements from the ranch and it's gardens. The scanned art is seen below.

Ladyfolk Studio Wedding style, California wedding

Being the graphic designer that I am, I decided to lay everything out in photoshop before printing so i could see exactly what everything was going to look like together and how I was going to package it as you can see below. I added art to everything from the stamp to the belly band that packaged it all. I also incorporated florals into the design that I had discussed with my florist, The Nature of Things to include in my wedding.

Watercolor Art Floral Adorned Wedding Invitations by Ladyfolk Studio, Laguna Beach, CA
Watercolor Art Floral Adorned Wedding Invitations by Ladyfolk Studio, Laguna Beach, CA

Above you can see the custom ring boxed I was gifted for my ring and below the glass case for my response cards, which would later turn card holder at my wedding.

Watercolor Art Floral Adorned Wedding Invitations by Ladyfolk Studio

Interested in custom art or invitation design for your wedding?

Contact me below by filling out the form or email me directly

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Join Ladyfolk Studio and Studio La Fleur for Babes Night Out!

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Grab your babes and join Kimberly from Ladyfolk Studio at the gorgeous home, floral and decor shop Studio La Fleur in Costa Mesa! 

It's time to explore your creativity and sexy side with a guided watercolor art workshop where you will paint a one-of-a-kind boudoir watercolor painting. You and best babes will enjoy bubbly sparkling wine from Speak Wines, tantalizing treats, and 15% off in store purchases at Studio La Fleur the night of the workshop. Sounds like a good time, am I right?

It starts at 6:30pm, so that gives you plenty of time to get there after work. Don't worry about eating, we will have plenty of snacks and be setting the mood to wine down; ) I left the end time open but typically the workshops end in two hours.

I find it so important to spend time with your girls and truly relax and let go. No worries if you don't have a friend to bring with you, my workshops all about community and new friendships blossom at every one I've hosted. This will be a fun chance for you to try something new. No experience necessary for creativity or painting. We start with lots of abstract explorations and then you will be guided through a painting. At any moment I always encourage my workshop attendees to do there own thing. That is what creativity is all about after all. Let this workshop be a way for you to express yourself without thinking too much. My goal is to get you into that zen like flow when painting. Want to know more? You can always reach out to me with any questions Ready to reserve your spot?

Creative Ideas for Self Care Sunday

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self care sunday.jpg

You might have remembered from a couple weeks back on the blog that one of my New Year's resolutions for a creative and happy New Year was to take time for self-care.

I mentioned a few self-care ideas in that post but I thought I would put together of a whole list of creative ideas for you to try. There is something on this self care idea list for just about everyone. I tried to include a wide range of cost too, from free and up! Let's be honest, we all want self-are but it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg which is totally defeating the purpose and causing you less self-care i.e. stress about money. 

Self Care Sunday Creative Ideas by Ladyfolk Studio

For me personally, my creativity thrives on self-care. For those of you not working in a creative field, painting might actually be a really a good outlet to try for self care. It nourishes your creative spirit and can be a form of meditation when you get in that zen like flow. I also find spending time with my adorable dog Mr.Bailey a form of self care. it nurtures my bond with animals and I embrace his care free spirit in the moment.  It's definetitely self-care, especially with my dog who loves to play and go for along walks, i.e. self care.

25 Creative Ideas for Self Care Sunday

  1. buy yourself a variety of flowers and make your own arrangement, get creative!
  2. meal prep and try out new healthy recipes
  3. try journaling or sketching in a notebook
  4. read a new book or pick up an inspiring magazine
  5. go shopping for the perfect new perfume or essential oil for your personality
  6. take your dog for a long walk in new neighborhood
  7. or volunteer to walk a dog at an animal shelter
  8. organize your closet, make three piles: donate, sell and keep!
  9. clean and organize your jewelry
  10. drink warm water with lemon first thing in the morning
  11. have a social media free day
  12. try meditating, use an app like clam or headspace
  13. call a friend to catch up
  14. meet a family member for lunch
  15. play a board game with your roommates or spouse
  16. go for a hike
  17. make a beautiful smoothie bowl, see instagram for inspiration
  18. try a new face or hair mask
  19. deep clean a room in your home
  20. write an email to someone you admire
  21. write a letter to yourself about where you to be in a year and open it then
  22. get a new plant for your home, they help filter the air!
  23. give yourself a manicure or pedicure
  24. try dry brushing
  25. do a workout or yoga video on youtube

  go shopping for the perfect new perfume or essential oil for your personality

go shopping for the perfect new perfume or essential oil for your personality

 clean and organize your jewelry

clean and organize your jewelry