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Celebrating International Women's Month

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Ladyfolk Studio artist in Laguna Canyon

I'm so excited to share my feature on Mighty Tea's blog this month for International Women's day/month! A time I am sure to celebrate, especially as a lady running her own business while encouraging other women to pursue their dreams and creativity.

I (Ladyfolk Studio) was named one of "Six Women Entrpreneurs to Inspire You This International Women’s Month." You can also read the interview from my feature below...

Succulent and cactus Watercolor art by Ladyfolk Studio
The name of my business is Ladyfolk Studio. I have been working for myself for the past three years along with teaching part time at an art college (@lcadbfa).

What makes me mighty inside is my persistence. With art and business I think it really is key to continue to pursue what makes you happy and to continue to grow.

I strive to make the world a more beautiful place through my art, community and sharing my knowledge through teaching. I hope to inspire others to be more creative, kind and to find the beauty in the everyday.

This advice applies to artist and entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business, and it is don’t be afraid to fail. As a creative entrepreneur there are alot of ideas I want to try. Some end up more successful than others but I wouldn’t know unless I tried! Allowing for room for experimentation makes space for new ideas and growth. Also not being afraid to ask; for advice, a job, or a company about collaborating. I have been pleasantly surprised how much opportunity I have been given simply by asking.

My favorite kind of tea is green tea. I especially love the tropical green tea and adding frozen pineapple chucks to make it iced on these hot Laguna Beach days.

Your Ladies will Immediately Say "Yes" to this Wine

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I can hear the wedding bells!

Calling all Brides-to-be, How CUUUUTE are the new labels I designed for Speak Wines new Wedding collection! The best part is they come in three different colors, sure to fit whatever your color scheme is. 

I LOVE the gift box you see above that Speak Wines put together with some other gifts. You could totally re-create this yourself and switch up the items for the lady. Featured in this gift box is Herbivore coconut oil, Sandalwood Tobacco candel and a Castelbel peppermint soap bar.

Other cute items that I included in my own gift box for bridesmaids were hand-painted boxes with their names, customized pencils (because I'm an artist and always needing a pencil) and Champagne gummy bear and rose Sugerfina candies.

I wish these bottles were around when I was asking my Bridal ladies to join me! You can pick between "Will you be my Maid of Honor?" and "Will you be my Bridesmaid?"

I really enjoyed the process of creating these labels for Speak Wines new Wedding collection. I love that we decided on three color schemes that will go with any bridal party: indigo, pink, and cream. They would look super cute all in a ice bucket together on display at a soiree to ask your bridal babes to join the official wedding party, cheers!

P.S. Click the image below to read the feature on this wine on The Knot...


Learn Photoshop the FUN way! April 7th in Laguna

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Photoshop... a designer, business owner, blogger and photographer's best friend!

This beginners workshop is designed to get you up and running with Adobe Photoshop in just four hours. The focus will be on step-by-step instruction leading you through the most commonly used tools and techniques needed. 

What is included in the cost:

  • 4 hours of instruction from LCAD alumni and design instructor Kimberly Heimbach
  • Photoshop informational handout, including tutorials from the class to take home
  • Imagery to work with on tutorials.
  • time for personal questions about photoshop to be addressed.
  • catered lunch, snacks and drinks
  • gift bag including 25% off your first private in-home photoshop lesson.

What you will learn:

  • the photoshop user interface, i.e. where to find everything you need!
  • the basics of resizing and retouching images, to keep your website and social media looking fresh!
  • what resolution means and how to keep your images looking sharp.
  • working with type and adding it type to imagery for compelling marketing.
  • creating basic graphics and brushes to add an artistic touch.

What you need to bring:

*No prior experience with Adobe Photoshop is required for this class. Limited seating available.

Painting Wildflowers with Watercolor and Wine

Watercolor and Wine, Watercolor WorkshopsKimberly HeimbachComment

Enjoy sips of wine, treats, paint, get creative and make some new friends! 
This workshop is for all levels!

Join us for this watercolor workshop and happy hour hosted inside The Collab Lab in Costa Mesa. Kimberly Heimbach, LCAD instructor and illustrator at Ladyfolk Studio, will guide you through the basics of painting with watercolor through a step by step process for painting different types of wildflowers. There will be a beautiful moodboard of paintings to inspire you!

During the workshop enjoy:

  • instruction from LCAD instructor and Ladyfolk Studio's owner, Kimberly Heimbach
  • 2 glasses of wine from Speak Wines
  • 10% OFF in the attached Nickel and Birch boutique the night of the workshop 
  • water and snacks
  • all needed accessories for painting: masonite boards, mason jars with water, practice worksheet, painters tape, extra brush sizes and a few of my favorite top notch watercolor favorites!

What you get to take home:

  • 2-3 final paintings
  • a travel watercolor set and brush
  • watercolor tips and tricks postcard with art
  • Plus, a few surprises for all attendees!

Hope to see you there! Check out past Watercolor and Wine workshops here and stay tuned new workshops will be announced soon! Join the Ladyfolk Studio newsletter to be updated:

Speak Wines for Painting Wildflowers with Watercolor and Wine by Ladyfolk Studio